Poppin’ for the Spectrum


Poppin' for the Spectrum!

Autism Fundraiser 

Brandon's Voice invites you to host your own Poppin' for the Spectrum stand to raise money for autism research and awareness! Follow the steps below to host a stand:

  1. Choose a date, time and location for your stand.
  2. Gather materials such as a table, cash box or chairs to make your stand stellar!
  3. Pop that popcorn! Fill small paper or plastic bags with popcorn. Cut out the template below to use on your popcorn bags.
  4. When you host your stand, sell the popcorn at a reasonable price point and let them know the money is going to Brandon's Voice to change the voice of autism!
  5. Once the stand has come to an end, send proceeds via check or PayPal. See donation details at www.brandonsvoice.org/donate-2/ 
Download our template:
Poppin' Cut Out Template
Download our flyer:
Brandon's Voice Poppin' for the Spectrum

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