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Brandon’s Voice was founded to support Autism research and help families learn how to communicate with their autistic children.
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We can help change autism, with your support.
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We support organizations dedicated to autism change.
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Changing the Voice of Autism, One Conversation at a Time.

Brandon’s Voice is a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization with the goal of supporting the efforts of dedicated healthcare professionals who are committed to doing life-changing Clinical Research for Autism and other Spectrum Disorders.


We believe that more needs to be done to find out how to treat people with Autism, why people develop Autism, and how Autism can be prevented. We believe the key to understanding is research—and that research must include input from the people who are on the frontlines of dealing with Autism every single day—parents, teachers, therapists, and most importantly, people who have Autism whose voices need to be heard.


Brandon’s Voice is about changing the conversation about Autism, because we believe that together we will find real solutions that will give children with Autism and their loved ones a better tomorrow. Our fundraising efforts have the ultimate goal of getting funding to the people doing the most to help find a cure and to provide the very best treatment for children with Autism.